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Mooning Whales NFT’s Dropping Soon

Michelle’s new set of Mooning Whales will soon go live at Terra Virtua… these animated illustrations depict the current climate for Bitcoin Investors, in particular the Whales that have been smart enough to invest huge amounts. These are the first animated NFT’s from Michelle & are expected to be snapped up quickly. Keep an eye out & better still go & sign up at Terra Virtua & get notices for all of Michelle’s new drops https://www.terravirtua.io/marketplace?page=1&nft_type_code=ARTWORK&brand_code=INDEPENDENT_ARTIST&artist_code=MichelleWebb&sorting=placement&sort_type=asc

Mooning Whale Gold – Michelle Webb

Adobe Photoshop CC to be released for iPad in 2019!

I received an email today from Adobe, announcing the release of full Photoshop CC for iPads…..not a watered down tablet version, the full program as an app. This is a game changer for several organisations…. firstly Savage- the Procreate gang, who’ve really held the monopoly of iPad artists, secondly Wacom…the Mobile Studio’s biggest selling point is Photoshop & Corel Painter…these full desktop programs can’t be used on tablets… third, is Corel, they really need to follow with Painter 2019 on IPad to stay in the game.. These are my opinions only of course, I bet there will be some worried faces in these 3 software & hardware giants boardrooms today…

I do want to add though I love my Wacom Cintiq, my iPad wont replace it as the size difference is to great, I love Corel Painter it’s still my favourite program by far, & I also love Procreate it’s a brilliant app to just get stuck into painting without all the unnecessary photo edit tools…. I do wonder if any of this will change when Photoshop CC for iPad’s released……