I decided to add this page in hope that together we can grow…. Yes this is for my art, to expand & become a better artist…..it’s also so I can devout time on this site, esp in the giveaway  & tutorial area. I hope you understand this was something I thought much about, & I intend to pay it forward.  Thank you always for your continued support of my site, youtube & social media. I can’t do it without you all – Michelle

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If your able to spare a little more than than the average person, this is the button for you ☺️ Your support means so much to me & giving me the opportunity to reach my goals will change many things for me in my life….thank you from the bottom of my heart


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If you would like to help me keep expanding my site, adding more giveaways & helping me to keep growing as an artist, donation can be made through this button. I thank you in advance for your kindness, you are helping me to achieve my dreams.


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