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Mooning Whales NFT’s Dropping Soon

Michelle’s new set of Mooning Whales will soon go live at Terra Virtua… these animated illustrations depict the current climate for Bitcoin Investors, in particular the Whales that have been smart enough to invest huge amounts. These are the first animated NFT’s from Michelle & are expected to be snapped up quickly. Keep an eye out & better still go & sign up at Terra Virtua & get notices for all of Michelle’s new drops

Mooning Whale Gold – Michelle Webb

My Ultimate Brush Kit For Procreate now available!

Hi all, hope you’ve been taking care of yourselves & each other…. We are back in lockdown where I live, so I’ve taken some time to finalise my best set of brushes for Procreate. These are the brushes I use everyday in my work, & I’ve been tweaking them for the last 2 years since I started using Procreate. They are available now at my Cubebrush store & I’ve just decided to open one on Gumroad. This is a big kit with 46 brushes, each developed for specific roles but can be used in anyway you like. There’s sketching, inking, & my perfect Hard Square blocking brush (I use this for everything, it’s the one brush I can’t live without). I have a dry oil & wet oil for those who enjoy a more painterly style, edge control, background fillers, texture brushes, my ultimate blenders & my new mixer brush…. There’s so many more including a bunch of specialist brushes to help you add jewellery, freckles & other details… I absolutely love these brushes & I’m sure you will too, Peace out – Lion 💗

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Corel Painter 2022 is here!

This is truly the best build of Painter I’ve ever experienced. Lots of really critical updates to performance is major, I had 900 x 750mm canvas with over 250 layers.. it was an unusual job, very complex & I had to keep all layers for the client. Painter 2022 had my back, no lag & no crashing… it just powered through like a Trojan. Then there’s all the new stuff! Layers now have colour dodge & burn modes… amazing! So perfect to add beautiful light & shadows… The navigator panel now has a greyscale toggle, invaluable for all genres of artists… keeping an eye on how our values are reading is vital. Then there’s the new captured dab library, with the ability to change brush dabs on the fly.. & import any new brushes dabs into the palette with a single cl be ick. For those who enjoy building brushes you will love this. There’s plenty of other new features to check out, follow the link above & download a 30 day trial!

I have just started a Patreon account!

Hey all, hope you are doing ok? I’m really excited, we have just come out of lock down (thanks COVID), & it’s amazing being able to see family & friends…. plus things like shopping or going out for a meal!

These little things are such an a important part of life, when we have our freedom taken away, it can be so depressing. We have more than 20 days with no new cases, & 3 days of no active cases at all in Victoria… this is amazing as we had the majority of all cases throughout Australia….& it was spreading everywhere.

I’ve finally decided I’m not going to wait any longer, it’s time to launch my Patreon page…. I’ve been sitting on this for 2 years, & I don’t know what will happen as I don’t have a huge following. I do hope that those who do follow & support me, will take the time to read my story & see the rewards I will be sharing with my Patrons are full of value. Check it out, even the $1 tier gives you some great resources… & the highest tiers have very special rewards, I spent much time really thinking about how I can give back for helping me to follow my dreams.

Take care, stay safe – Lion ❤️


Hey all, hope your doing ok….. there’s so many terrible things going on with Covid & the fires in US…. I hope everyone’s safe, well & happy. To pass some time I joined in Paintable academy’s One Week Portrait Challenge which they host every 6 months. It’s a lot of fun & gets the community to draw each day which is a great habit. Here’s the couple of pieces I did, plus I was featured in their newsletter….

Take care, Peace out – Lion

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World Lion Day – 800 voices for 800 lions!

I’ve joined Blood Lions, by submitting my Lion Heart artwork to 800 voices for 800 lions. To put pressure on SA government to stop the export of Lion bones. Blood Lions is a documentary about canned hunting……I first saw this when I was helping FTLOW, raising awareness about the plight of lions in tourism & canned hunting in SA. One of my artworks sold for top price at the screening auction, i donated the money to help with screening costs. To hear more about this, & see all the art & photos that have been submitted click link below.

Lion Heart – 800 voices for 800 lions

Keeping your life going during Covid Crisis.

Hey all my lovely followers,

I hope your doing ok, these times are challenging with social distancing, job loses & worrying about family & friends health. I think it’s really important to find the things that make you happy & devote time to it. I’m lucky, art is my happy place & my income… So work wise things are humming along…my recent position as a Corel Painter Master has been very helpful in this respect, & also seeing rewards when you’ve been working hard is always satisfying. I try to put my emotions into my work… It’s a great way of facing the things that are bothering you & releasing them. What are you doing, Are you creating while in isolation? Is it helping you get through this? I really want to know what I can do to help you with this… Tutorials, articles… critique sessions? Would any of these things help you to move forward with creating. I’m currently working in a new project, here’s my rough…. What do you think the story is behind it? Let me know how your going!

Take care & stay safe, peace out -Lion