imageChillin with the gorgeous Zeek. An experience i of course loved, but i do not condone the petting of wildlife……they will never be released to the wild once  humanised. Zeek was rescued from a zoo. I cant stress enough, ‘wild animals belong in the wild’….they are not our property or pets. If you love these animals, visit them in their homes…..not in the cages humans lock them in.

I’m Michelle, an Aussie chick who loves art, music, life & my family. I have great passion for all the wonders this planet offers us, & everyday i experience something new is a gift. So why have i called my business Lion Art? ☺️ Because one of the things im extremely passionate about is endangered wildlife, esp the big cats humans are quietly killing off each day. Lions are not on the endangered list, but they are in trouble…& the disgusting so called sport of canned hunting, seals the fate of thousands of cubs each year. The tourist that engages in petting, feeding or lion walks contributes to this…..these cubs will never be released, they will live in captivity until sold to a canned hunting farm. A ‘hunter’ then pays to have the thrill of standing outside an enclosure (housing lion) & takes pot shots until he kills it! So Lion Art is a tribute, a chance to educate & i am a Leo, so have always been a lioness by birth. Art has always been a part of me & is as important to my well being as breathing! My background is in traditional fine arts & graphic design, so I have now combined the two & am painting digitally. I hope you enjoy my work & find a piece that makes you want you to give it a new home, or if there’s a special portrait, landscape or other subject you are looking for I’m always available for commissions. I will be adding tutorials, brush sets & other digital delights for Painter users…..follow me & watch this space, so we can grow together & set the world of digital art on fire ❤️🦁🎨


2 thoughts on “Art From The Heart of A Lioness

  1. Michelle, there are some themes that will show your work in a slide show which puts them up individually on a black background. If you need any help holler. I know a bit about the themes. Love your site!!!


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