I’m Michelle, born in Australia with a great love for art & wildlife….especially endangered predators. I was born a Leo, which maybe has played a part in my great love for these kings & queens of beasts! I’ve spent a great portion of my life rescuing, rehabilitating & raising awareness & money for many animals….. from dogs, to horses, to big cats & so many others in between. This is why I called my business Lion Art (Lion Heart)

Art has always been a great passion of mine, I would spend hours drawing horses & other animals, then graffiti & oil painting…. until at 16 I was accepted into the Melbourne School Of Art. I studied fine art & graphics, along with art history & some specialist subjects such as Sumi e, & graduated 2 years later. There weren’t the many wonderful options for artists that we have today back then, & I needed income straight away…so I went into graphic design. It gave me a good career, but wasn’t creative enough, & I was training & riding racehorses, plus raising a family so I didn’t have mulch opportunity to paint or even draw.. I then became very sick & had to stop working, the new norm was a revolving door at doctors & hospitals…. my life changed completely. I’m a great believer in all things happen for a reason, & having lots of down time for treatments & operations I started to draw again. I came across some digital art & it lit a fuse, it was exciting to feel my great love for art return….but after many years of not using these skills, I had to relearn everything.

It’s now 4 years since I began drawing/painting again & I’m working as an artist/illustrator. It’s wonderful to be given this second chance to do what I love. I’ve also started to help other artists with tutorials & my critique group, I was selected as the newest Corel Painter Master earlier this year, & has been amazing few months. This gives me more exposure to reach learning artists, which I’m enjoying immensely. I hope you enjoyed this snapshot into my life, & can see it’s never to late to do what you love..


  1. Michelle, there are some themes that will show your work in a slide show which puts them up individually on a black background. If you need any help holler. I know a bit about the themes. Love your site!!!


  2. Thanx mate, will def pick your brain….this is my first blog, so learning as i go.


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