My Ultimate Brush Kit For Procreate now available!

Hi all, hope you’ve been taking care of yourselves & each other…. We are back in lockdown where I live, so I’ve taken some time to finalise my best set of brushes for Procreate. These are the brushes I use everyday in my work, & I’ve been tweaking them for the last 2 years since I started using Procreate. They are available now at my Cubebrush store & I’ve just decided to open one on Gumroad. This is a big kit with 46 brushes, each developed for specific roles but can be used in anyway you like. There’s sketching, inking, & my perfect Hard Square blocking brush (I use this for everything, it’s the one brush I can’t live without). I have a dry oil & wet oil for those who enjoy a more painterly style, edge control, background fillers, texture brushes, my ultimate blenders & my new mixer brush…. There’s so many more including a bunch of specialist brushes to help you add jewellery, freckles & other details… I absolutely love these brushes & I’m sure you will too, Peace out – Lion 💗

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