Corel Painter 2020 release!

Software giants Corel have just released the next version of their flagship art programs Painter 2020! This brings with it upgrades in performance, more intuitive & sleeker UI with settings condensed to be more easily accessed, allowing faster workflow. The new GPU brush acceleration is a vast improvement, with brushes performing much faster at large sizes so there’s virtually no lag when working on huge canvases. One new tool is the Brush accelerator utility scorer tests your computer system, automatically applying optimal Painter settings allowing GPU & CPU to ensure Painter can move at lightning speed. This alone is worth the upgrade, but there is so much more including new colour Harmonies…a fantastic addition to Paintets colour management, colour Harmonies creates perfect palettes for your designs… Choose from complimentary, split complimentary, triadic, & can lock these or create a new colour set to keep for further projects. The best thing is Corel offer a full one month trial, no catch, just download & use…once it’s finished either purchase or delete from your system (it timed out). I believe anyone who tries it, won’t be able to go back to previous versions! As a footnote, some of my artwork is featured on the website, software & in packaging of Disk set…however I am not compensated for reviewing Painter, these are purely my own opinions. Cheers -Lion

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I downloaded today. Did the performance check, got back that I needed ACX2. I work on Mac, no one seems to know what that is. Any ideas?

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hey Kimber, I work on PC & I’m picking it’s a similar thing PC’s of later versions have (can’t think of the name) but don’t worry about it to much. Is your computer handling Painter ok? If it is, just use the test as a guide, see if it performs better with the brushes that have GPU acceleration… I’ll look further into ACX2 & if your machine is slow, lagging brushes etc let me know & I’ll get onto the Painter team. I’ll message you once I’ve checked up on ACX2.


    • Hi Kimber, ok as much as I can work out ACX 2 is pretty much what AVX2 is on Windows…. It helps get the most from Vector, which if your not doing a lot of vector work shouldn’t bother you. It came in about 4-5 yrs ago in computers, mine is probably one of the first models that got it. I hope that helps. The number up top Ty hat you get when running the acceleration test is how much faster the brushes should work for you. Hope your enjoying 2020!


  2. Hi Michelle,

    Congragats on being featured in the Painter 2020 release! I installed the new version a couple of days ago, and was really surprised by the speed of some brushes.

    Best always,

    Bill McEntee



  3. What a new release! Corel released the next version of their flagship art programs Painter 2020. Up gradation in performance, intuitive and sleeker UI . Learn about new GPU brush. Thank you so much. Come across and hope you can visit this too to get more information.


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