Dokiwear CG Artist glove – so awesome!

Hey my digital artist peeps, do you use an art glove when drawing? If so, is it a Dokiwear CG glove…if not why not?

I’ve used a glove since i began painting digitally, it helps your hand glide across the tablet, esp when its hot (i live in Aus- we get very hot summers) & your hands sweaty, plus on iPad’s etc helps with palm rejection. That was great & i used my trusty Wacom supplied glove, but then I came across a super product….The Doki wear CG Glove, that does all of the above, but is also a compression glove. What does that do? It helps relieve the RSI & arthritis i have from years as an artist. My hand aches like crazy at night, but since I began using the Dokiwear glove it has been so much better. I just wanted to share this with you guys, its not an expensive purchase, the customer service from these guys is amazing & I highly recommend it to any digital artist, even traditional artists to help with hand pain. Here’s the link go grab yours today!


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  1. Reblogged this on mirjahreblogs and commented:
    I’m looking into this, because even though I’m not a pro drawer, I need a compression glove to help my wrist with other laptop work, too.


  2. Hi Mirja, the CG glove was made primarily for digital artists working on graphic & screen tablets. It helps your hand glide over the surface….this is crucial when pulling out straight lines etc.. any friction can cause jitter. The added beauty of Dokiwlear glove is the compression. It probably won’t help your wrist that much as doesn’t cover wrist, but it’s brilliant for hand pain like rsi & arthritis in joints & under thumb. They are very reasonably priced, & provide great customer service. My glove was coming unstitched slightly in an area….I emailed them with photos & they sent me a new glove straight away.

    I’ve recommended this to a few artists I know who have illnesses that cause a lot of pain like muscular dystrophy, they are really happy with the glove also.


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