3 thoughts on “MOD small

  1. Breathtaking. I am looking forward to any info, videos on your progression of it. I just downloaded the new painter 18. Looking at this could be a master class on it. Wish you had it from start to finish offered as a class.


    1. H Betty, Im just adding link to video…sadly I didnt get as much as id have liked but ive created a timelapse of what i have. Sorry its not narrated….but im going to concentrate on some videos offerig tips & tricks that i use in my process as well as showing the newest features. I hope you can bare with me as i learn the ropes of video! Please check out my freebies page & download brushes ive provided links to in dropbox…compatable with 2017/2018. cheers – Michelle


    2. Hi Betty, I just saw your comment sorry for late reply! I have been doing a lot of videos showing my process on Painter 2018, please feel free to check out my youtube channel for these…& If i can help further let me know.


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