Out with the lion & in with the lioness

I decided I should really have a lioness for my profile image, seeing as i’m Lion Art! So this was today’s project…what do you think…is she a keeper? Painted on my Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch, using Corel Painter 2017. Cant tell you enough how much i love Painter, & we all know Wacom kick but against other tablets. Tell me what you guys are using tablet & software wise…what do you want me to talk about on here, its about as all sharing knowledge as artists. I love feedback guys, you can email, comment, go through inquiry page or even call me….lets get some great topics going!lioness

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  1. I have painter 2017 and Wacom 3 love both I wished I had more time to use it. By the way very nice painting looks awesome.

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    • Yes I agree, Painter is a most awesome program….Every new version gets better & better, & no program has the organic feeling of Painter. ☺️ Love my Cintiq, best investment I’ve ever made! Thank you for your comments, I hope to see some of your work! I will be adding a lot of new things here soon including a feature page, on which I will feature one of my following artists painting each month.


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