Calling out to Corel Painter artists..

Who loves a bit of magic to brighten up their day? Follow my new blog, to check out my tips & tricks for using magical, digital painting software,  by Corel – Painter 2016! I will be giving away some of my customised brushes, papers & other Corel Painter content…..something shiny & new each Monday -❤️🦁🎨 

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  1. Hi Michelle!! I’m so glad to see you set up a blog. You are such a dynamite painter and artist. I’ve also got a little blog here on WP.


  2. Thank you Kerry, i appreciate your support so much….I love your blog….theres art ive never seen of yours before, really cool!


  3. Hello Michelle, it’s nice meeting you 🙂
    I use Corel’s Paintshop Pro after years of using the professional version of photoshop. I’m using it now to create the illustrations for my stories.
    I’ve been admiring your pictures, especially the black horse…I could imagine him with wings like Pegasus!
    All the best
    Faith xo


    • Hi Faith, thanks for your lovely comments…i had a quick look at your work, i love it! Will def take some time to look properly. Corel make amazing software, ive been using CorelDraw & PhotoPaint for decades in grahic design….Painter is a recent addition to this & the most amazing program ive ever used. I prefer Corel over Adobe any day….. I just began using their Video Studio software, this does great screen shots & videos which ill be using for tutorials & speed paintings of some of my digital art. I totally love your Pegasus idea, i painted one as a teen in oils….sold it, & have no photos. Im really digging fantasy art at the moment so Pegasus shall fly across my screen in the near future.


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  4. Thank you Faith, i really appreciate your support! No doubt you will love Painter, its a really great program for all sorts of artists….i find its closest to traditional media which is what attracted me to it in the first place.


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