Giveaway custom palette

Hi everyone, I’m unable to load the file for custom palette on here….so if you send me a msg with your email ill send palette to you! Sorry for inconvenience, if anyone knows how i can add the file to my blog please let me know id be grateful & will share a bonus gift to the clever person _- cheers, Lion Art

Nearly finished

WIP nearly finished….need to start thinking of a title! As soon as i’m finished ill be adding a custom palette, with a few of the brushes i’m using & a couple of papers as a giveaway. Follow me to get updates so you don’t miss out – ❤ lion ArtSweet nothing2

WIP From arvo making brushes

I started this to play with new brushes i’m tweaking….i like it so will go on but i totally muddied up the brush work so you wont have any idea what they are yet 🙂 However i promise you this i will be giving a couple away soon….so hit that follow button to keep watch & they will be ready shortly. These are Painter 2016 brushes so won’t work with Photoshop  ❤ Lion ArtSweet nothing...

Drawing Declan

A how to on pain ting a portrait of a baby using any digital program or pretty much any medium….its not that different. I used maybe 4 or 5 brushes on this…sorry i cant share as they are ones I’ve got from other artists but there are plenty of  generic brushes you can use. I haven’t gone into a lot of detail on using tools in the program but if anyone’s interested I can certainly do a more in depth tutorial. Cheers – Lion Art Drawing Declan©LionArt-MichelleWebb

Melts my heart

Artists tend to paint whats happening in their life, whether it be a subject or an emotion…it invariably ends up showing in our work. This piece is the center of my life, my gorgeous little grandbub Declan…he lights up my life in a million different ways & I adore him along with my daughter like no others. ❤ I think my anatomy rehash is helping greatly & am really  happy with this piece. So watch this space as this little man will be featured in a few things I have coming up… ❤ Lion ArtDeclan 2

Always learning….

My belief is as an artist, i will be learning for the rest of my life….it never stops, theres always something another artist can offer you. I make time for study at least a few hours each week…at present im doing human anatomy, as this is an area i need to hone my skills. Below is a page from my notes, a bit messy i know but readable.. 😝 Sort of! The basics of drawing & painting are needed whatever medium you work in… is no different. Form, light, shadows, perspective, colour harmony, lost & found edges……all elements needed for a good composition & tips ill be posting will include these things. The eye is the window to the soul, so a good place to begin…enjoy the tips below, basic but necessary. ❤️🦁🎨image