How to paint digitally – The Friesian

This is a recent painting i have completed. I kept some jpgs of progress so thought it would be good as a how to feature. Nothing fancy but you can see my process, I will be adding some video tutorials when i return from my Vietnam adventure. I use Painter 2016 for most of my work, but you can use any digital paint program. If you would like the brushes I used in this piece feel free to comment & ill send them to you.

Cheers – Michelle Lion Art WebbHow to paint the friesian

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  1. Beautiful. Love your work. Could I try your brushes. I use painter 16. Email is


    • Sure, will send you a custom palette which has most of the brushes i used. I did use a couple of others, but they are ones i purchased from another artist so cant give them away…..but they were just a couple of grainy oil types i used to lay down colour, you can use anything for that. The other is the 2b that comes in Painter, i love using it to sketch….it has a very organic feel & bar calibrating i havent even changed settings (a rarity for me). I hope you enjoy the brushes, if your interested join my blog….i have a lot of stuff coming up in a few months & will be adding a shop with custom brushes, textures & other media for Painter. I will also be doing some video tutorials etc so watch this space


      Lion ‘Art


    • Hi, have i sent you the brushes? Sorry ive sent to quite a few people & cant remember if id sent to you.


  2. Super painting! A trip to Vietnam how exciting for you. When you get a chance, I’ll take those brushes, Michelle.

    Thanks so much.


  3. Lol! Ok, thats good……coukdnt remember who id sent them too


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