Surfboard designs…..i can design custom art for your board, provide you with a digital file that you can then have applied to your favourite board! Same goes for skate boards etc. anything you’d like customised with one of my designs is pretty much possible… discuss possibilities give me a call or email, leave comment etc…..i return msgs within 24 hours, mostly within a few hours. As i can provide you with ready to go digital designs, i sell world wide….. All you need to do is take manafacture, printer etc in your area able to print/apply design to product! Ive been in the print, promotional products business for over 25yrs so have a good understanding of what can be printed & how. Cheers -🦁🎨

Michelle Webb (@lionart.digitalartist) • Instagram photos and videos

Eco friendly art, using traditional skills! More info-

Source: Michelle Webb (@lionart.digitalartist) • Instagram photos and videos


Recent paintings

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My most recent paintings……a couple of commissions & a couple of limited editions available for purchase! All painted digitally on my Wacom Cintiq using Painter 2016 software. Every line?brushstroke is produced by my hand…..i dont manipulate photos, only use them as reference when doing portraits ect.